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Fishing off the Kenya Coast since 1976


Pete Darnborough

Captain and owner of Alleycat Fishing

About Pete

Pete has made his name over the years for live baiting for big fish on the incredibly productive Watamu banks, canyons and mountains that lie just outside the harbour entrance. His boats have been involved with a large percentage of the big black marlin caught out of Watamu. Including this 860lbs monster black marlin, still the biggest black marlin to be caught in Kenya.

While hunting the big blacks in this area you are in one of the most notorious shark areas on the Kenyan coast. A group of bull sharks or a big tiger shark is not good news if your fighting a big marlin or when live bait is hard to find, but can be a sight to behold as they are released or tagged alongside the boat. This monster tiger shark was estimated at 1,600lbs plus when released by Pete.

The sailfish run up off Malindi is only a short journey up the coast, where Pete has had numerous days with over 20 sailfish. Fly fishing for sailfish can be arranged but must be requested in advance.

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